Monday, January 10, 2011

Pups and Such

Over the past three weeks, while you were all being treated to new recipes, I was traveling all around northern California with Guy and his parents.  We had a lot of fun, saw many beautiful places, and ate a ton of delicious food. During our travels we also came across a multitude of adorable pups and other fluffy things! The best part was seeing the different outfits people dressed their pups in for winter.  Here are some of the pastry and fluffy highlights of the trip:

The first pastry stop on our trip, Cafe Madeleine in San Francisco

A quick stop at Kara's Cupcakes in Ghirardelli Square was a must (I've tried about 4 other cupcake shops and this is my favorite so far)

And I stocked up on goodies from Bouchon Bakery in Napa... I had to try as much as I could!

Now... on to the fluffle puffs:

This little Puggle cutie was getting treats in Ghirardelli Square.  I don't know his name but he looks rather French.  I think I'll call him Pierre.  He had a friend in the background, but I think you can see who steals all the attention.

We met Daisy in a Starbucks at the Northstar at Tahoe Resort.  Her owner told me she is a Katan (spelling?), but I've never heard of that breed before and a Google search was no help either.  If anybody knows more about this breed, please tell me! She was sooooo soft!

This toy poodle was dressed for the cold and snow outside our hotel in south Lake Tahoe.

These pals were waiting for their owners outside a restaurant in the Castro, and got my attention with their barking.

This is Chili, the only winery dog we met in Napa.  But there are hundreds of them, they even have a book dedicated to all the winery pooches. 

At the Andretti Winery I found a doggie bed just like Rascal's! But blue instead of pink! See mom, there is a manlier version for him!

A big thank you to Guy for getting these shots of a cat on a leash in Berkeley! We're not ONLY about dogs here.

Finally, the puppy pièce de résistance was at the Macy's in San Francisco where the SPCA took over the display windows to try and get some little fluffs adopted.  They had little kittens and puppies in the window (I know, just like the song!) playing on little playgrounds they had set up for them inside.  It was was difficult to walk away.  Thank god for the iPhone... Guy and I were able to capture the cutest Shepard mix puppies play fighting for our entertainment. Plus some commentary from me and Guy.  Enjoy! =D

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