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I'm Lisa and I am currently 25 and unemployed (I promise between 23 and 25 I have been employed, I just always restart my blogging whilst unemployed).  I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I know I loooove food.  I love to eat it and most of the time I love to make it too (except when I'm lazy).  Most of my posts will be about food, either things I'm making or places I'm eating, but there will also be some other topics thrown in as well (hopefully about cute fluffy animals!).  I will be posting recipes too, after I've tested (and tasted) them and made some of my own tweaks. I hope you find some things you like here and keep checking back to see what I'm working on!

Thanks for stopping by!

Prince Rascal

p.s. You will soon come to realize that I like to talk about cooking and eating cute fluffy animals.   Rest assured that this is all hyperbole and I would never really eat a tasty little fuzz ball.  No matter how much I may want to or threaten to.
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