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I thought I would get a list started of various places I like to eat in the world.  I am constantly writing full posts about various eateries, but since these will eventually get archived I think this is the best way to give you easy access to places I find yummy.

Northern CA:
Southern CA:
  • Sushi Roku Can't remember what I ate but it was ALL good... really
Philadelphia, PA:
  • Tinto A Jose Garces restaurant (season 2 Next Iron Chef winner).  I love almost everything he makes. mostly tapas
  • Amada Jose Garces. mostly tapas
  • Distrito Jose Garces. mostly tapas
  • DiNardo's it's all about the crabs here for me. I can't attest to anything else there really
  • Pod I haven't eaten here in a long time, but I really used to like it
  • Buddakan I am very disappointed they no longer have the "angry lobster" but I'm sure you can find some things you like there. I wouldn't try the pad thai though (meh)
  • Continental so many great things on this menu
  • Franklin Fountain super creamy old fashioned ice cream and sodas GO THERE!
The 'burbs (of philly):
  • Nudy's East Side Cafe (apparently they don't have a website. linked to yelp) best banana chocolate chip walnut pancakes I've had to date... seriously.  Not everything is good though, just warning you.
  • The Classic Diner had a great french toast there, but I want to go back and try more of their menu
  • Appetite's Delight standard deli sandwiches but they don't disappoint me (nothing high end though. don't go out of your way for it)
  • Sal's Pizza (also no website. But I linked to yelp so you know which Sal's I mean. There are only like... 6 billion in the US) totally gross store, but floppily perfect pizza. if you are in the area and desperate for pizza it's a good choice
  • Primavera great shellfish dishes
  • Christopher's some good all American fare. Again, a good option but don't go out of the way for it.
 Burlington, VT:

Chain Restaurants I love:
  • Fogo de Chao super pricey but tastier than any "American" steakhouse anywhere (plus, all you can eat)
  • Cheesecake Factory  what can I say, I love it
  • California Pizza Kitchen I like the appetizers, soups and salads but everything is good
  • Roy's soooo delicious 
  • Chipotle yes it's fast food, but it's so yummy. I prefer a salad over the burrito, the dressing is delicious!
  • Handle's omg LOVE the graham central station. LOVE
  • The Melting Pot because sometimes I'm just too lazy to make my own fondue

  • Segev high end chef restaurant, fancy shmancy (one of my top favorites)
  • Messa high end chef restaurant, fancy shmancy (one of my top favorites)
  • Hatachanah best steaks outside of Argentina
  • Giraffe Thai fusion chain.  Everything on the menu is amazing (my favorite every day restaurant)
  • Sinta Bar burgers and good entrees as well
  • Moses Burger all about the burgers really
  • Cafe Noir a mix of american, casual french and italian food
  • Zesty this is a tiny hole in the wall (but nice, not gross) open front grill near giraffe in Mercaz HaCarmel in Haifa.  There are always Americans there which makes me laugh.  I only go for the fajitas but Guy tells me their sandwiches are also really good.
  • Hazan Shawarme Our favorite Shawarme in Israel (downtown Haifa), you may want to take an Israeli with you.
  • Burekas Agala really great burekas, ask anybody.
  • Goocha great seafood
  • 73 Rokach also great seafood. loved the crab bisque. didn't like the bouillabaisse though (too much fennel flavor)
  • Tapeo such good tapas
  • Herbert Samuel all over the place culture wise but super yums
I'm going to put this link for my future Israeli Restaurant endeavors, but you can use it too if you would like. No idea what might be good though Restaurants in Israel.

Feel free to let me know if any links aren't working or if you just have questions.
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