Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Blog Lives!

Well, kind of.

I did not forget about my lovely blog. Every time I look at it I get a little sad that I just let it fade into oblivion.

But I don't intend to let it go to waste!

I stopped posting mostly because it just became no fun to have to go through so many photos and edit them all.  I also don't prepare new dishes often enough to keep my blog as updated as I intended. So moving forward I plan to use a lot fewer images when I do update, and reduce my recipe posts to a minimum of once per month.  This way I can continue to add new content without feeling pressured to have a new recipe every week.

This means there may be more posts like this one; simply informational updates to remind you all I'm still alive. Since nobody likes a post with no pictures, I'll be sure to throw in at least one with every update. Fair?

And for anybody who may randomly read this blog and not know me in real life, here's an update about me.

Since you last heard from me I have gotten engaged and am preparing to relocate to Israel very soon! It goes without saying that I'm a bit stressed trying to figure out how to arrange a wedding when no matter where I choose to host it, 50% of the guests I would like to attend live in another country.  While also trying to manage a move to another country and generally figure out my life.  So you should probably anticipate a number of wedding/immigration related posts in the next 6 months.

These are, of course, wonderful problems to have. And so generally, life is good.

Here is a picture of me, my fiancé, Guy, and my family dog Rascal for the added fluff factor:

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