Friday, July 10, 2009

Where is the Chipwich?!

So I was thinking of starting a blog (not my first, but it's been a while) and wasn't sure what to call it or what to talk about. Then, while flipping between the food network and HGTV at 1:30 am I had a curiosity to find out what happened to my beloved chocolate Chipwich! I searched the web and while I found their website (Chipwich), it seems the product itself is nowhere to be found. I wrote to the company and can only hope to hear back from them. For all I know they don't even exist anymore :::tear:::.
For those of you who may be confused, I do not mean the generic idea of a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. No, I mean the original magnificent Chipwhich (personally I like the chocolate ice cream filled). Those dilectable ice cream sandwiches used to make up my entire lunch during most of middle school (memories). Then all of a sudden they disappeared and it was all Good Humor and Nestle brand sandwiches. These do not even come close to comparing with the true Chipwich. So, I am on a quest to find the original. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's hoping!
I imagine this blog will be full of random crap (hence the name) and probably will only interest myself, but maybe somebody will go searching for a Chipwich or some other random piece of nostalgia one day and find my blog and possibly some answers.
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  1. You're a nerd...

    But then again, why am I awake/just getting in at two AM?

  2. This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful journey in unmarked cookie territory.

    Maybe even the beginning of a new chip which

  3. Dude. Get a job you bum.

    Greetings from Bulgaria!

  4. There is a little ice cream place in Ohio that takes two cookies and puts whatever ice cream you want between them. Maybe you should come get one for yourself.

  5. I emailed the company and never got a response. Chipwich is probably being sold in some random area. I grew up on Chipwich too. Lately I've been seeing Chippy Chips. It'll have to do for now.



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