Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About food

So I've come to the (shocking) realization that this blog is going to be predominantly about food and my various food adventures. So today I attempted to make a molten chocolate cake recipe that I found online. I looked through TOOOONS of recipes and decided on a particular one that had a pudding like center as opposed to a liquid one. I was super excited about it, but I'm sad to say that the flavor simply did not meet my standards. I'm sure for some it would be exceptional, but I'm too much of a foodie to enjoy it. The texture and center and all that was great, but the flavor was just... wrong. So I'll be working on finding the perfect recipe as soon as I can. Once I find it, it will get its very own post =).
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  1. There is this dish called the chocolate java lava cup at a restaurant in Columbus, it is fantastical and I'm going to get another one this week. Yummmmmmm.



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