Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogs need a focus?

My mom tells me that I can't just write a blog about nothing and update it whenever I feel like. Otherwise I'm just talking to myself and nobody will read it or respond. So, to appease her (as is always the case) I will try to focus my blog a bit and update more frequently. How is at least once a week to start? Ok, good.
I love food, so a lot of my posts will be about the places I eat and the dishes I attempt to make myself. I also love cute fluffy animals and gawk at random puppies wherever I go. If I ever muster enough courage to ask their owners if I can take pictures of the little cuties, you can be sure to see them here as well.
Here's a little update on where I am and what I am doing these days:
I recently moved from outside of Philadelphia, PA to the small town of Davis, CA outside of Sacramento. I was working at Nordstrom in King Of Prussia for most of last year, but am now unemployed and am looking for work in the food industry anywhere in the area of Davis. Most of my food commentary will be on restaurants in Davis, San Francisco, and Philadelphia with a few others here and there as I travel around the country.
The first place I want to talk about is the Roli Roti Rotisserie, which you can find at various farmers markets throughout the San Francisco bay area. I love the farmers market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I know some people say it is too touristy and expensive, but it is also full of vendors, on the water, crowded and lively, and just plain good (not to mention the perfect place to go puppy watching!)! They sell some of the best fruit I've ever tasted (emphasis on the Frog Hollow summer fire nectarines... ooommmggg. But I digress.) and some great food stands as well. The one you won't be able to miss as soon as you enter the market is the Roli Roti Rotisserie. Their line is by far the longest in the whole market, and you can't help but wonder what everybody is waiting for. Don't worry though, the line moves pretty quickly and the wait you do have is totally worth it.
We assumed everybody was there for the roast chicken (it is a rotisserie after all), but upon getting closer to the truck we were informed that everybody was waiting for some mystical porchetta sandwich. Now, I love me some bacon and ham, but besides that I'm not much of a pork eater. But when there is a line stretching the entire length of the market just for a pork sandwich, you have to try it. Oh, am I glad I tried it. It is something about pork belly wrapped in pork skin... I don't really remember what the sign said, but what I do remember is that it is freaking fantastic. They chop up some crunchy pieces of skin and mix it in with the pulled/chopped pork meat. All of the fat and juices on the cutting board get wiped onto the bread that will be in your mouth in just mere moments. And just for a little extra yummy flavor they add some caramelized onions and cilantro (my absolute favorite herb). This sandwich has so much delicious pork flavor and the salty crunch of the skin... to die for. If you are in the SF bay area, definitely come by the farmers market and get one of these porchetta sandwiches. Just don't let them run out before I get there!
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