Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Still Here!

So I went home for a week and a wedding, but I have not forgotten about my blog! While I may be a biiiit late on my weekly post promise, I think you can forgive me. Especially when I'm going to let you in on some of the yummiest treats you can get in the Philly 'burbs.
I know a lot of people visit Philadelphia and make their way out to Lancaster. But, why go so far when you can get a delicious taste of Lancaster in the nearby quaint suburb of Wayne, PA?! I'm talking about the Lancaster County Farmers Market with hundreds of stands and open three days a week! YAY! And my absolute favorite stand has got to be the Country Twist pretzel and hot dog stand. I personally prefer an Auntie Anne's pretzel to their soft pretzels (although others would disagree), but NOTHING compares to the amazingness of their pretzel dogs and party dogs. You might think they're just your every day pigs-in-a-blanket, but trust me they are so much more.
First, there are the little baby party dogs that most of us are used to at every wedding, bar mitzvah, and super bowl party. But Country Twist takes them to a new level with cheese injected into the center of the dog and their pretzel dough wrapped happily around it. I don't know where they find these little dogs or how they make their dough, but these little doggies taste infinitely better than the ones so many of us are used to.
Second, are the amazing pretzel dogs that so many places seem to be copying these days. This is basically your standard sized hotdog wrapped in pretzel dough. You can find the knockoff varieties all over from Auntie Anne's to Einstein's Bagels. But don't be fooled! The original... the BEST... can only be found at Country Twist. Again, something about the hotdogs they buy and the dough they make just sets these pretzel dogs apart from any other you will ever try. As if that wasn't enough... Country Twist also dips the top in an herb/cheese mixture that takes these puppies over the edge.
I did the briefest of Google searches and wasn't able to find Country Twist anywhere but at the Lancaster Farmer's market. So, if you ever take a visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park or are just cruising down the main line (aka Lancaster Ave.) then take a minute to get yourself a bunch of these hotdogs. You will not be disappointed.
And while you're enjoying your tasty meaty nuggets, peruse the other stands at the market. There are great pastries, candies, cheeses, meats, fish, prepared foods and more to enjoy. I never get out of that place without spending a ton (don't forget, cash and check only!).
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  1. Is this why Mom and you were talking about writing--and me--while we were at home for the wedding?



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