Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chipwich update and baking frenzy

I looked a little deeper into the Chipwich issue and attempted another email to them which was readily returned as the email no longer exists!! I have found out that a Canadian company purchased Chipwich some years back and then went on to sell it to.... NESTLE! And of course, Nestle decided to stop production of the Chipwich so as not to compete with their inferior tollhouse ice cream cookie sandwich. BLAH!
So I wrote a nasty little complaint letter to Nestle which they quickly responded to, thanking me for my concern and ensuring me that my love of the Chipwich will be sent on to the proper people. Right. I mentioned that they could make even more money selling the Chipwich than their own poopie product... they can even sell both and watch them compete! I hope they listen... that would make me very happy.
In other news. posted an amazing cheddar apple scone recipe that I just had to make. Which then got me going crazy over scones, and she also posted a cheddar biscuit and chili recipe that I also cannot resist trying. I have already made the cheddar apple scones and the cheddar biscuits and they are both FABULOUS. I highly recommend checking out her site for the recipes. I won't post them here because I am new to this and don't know the rules of copyright and all that annoying nonsense. So just go to her site, k?
I also realized that I put less than half the amount of baking powder into the scones than the recipe calls for, but I have to tell you they were so good this way. They were more biscuity than sconey... I liked. I may post some pictures of the creations in a bit, but for now I just wanted to let you know what I was up to. My next creation will be maple bacon scones per Guy's request. If they turn out well.... there may be a new obsession in my life.
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