Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Changes

I am not loving this blog design I've got going on here. I do not know code and am not about to pay for my own webspace either, but I am hoping to make some nice, simple design changes to my blog in the coming weeks. My biggest road block right now is that I simply have no good food pictures! NONE! This is completely unacceptable. Hopefully by the end of Thanksgiving this situation will be remedied and I can make this blog much more.... ME! I will be making it my mission to nag Guy into finally taking some fabulous photos of the things we are making. Here's hoping that super duper expensive camera we bought him a few years back and that giant added flash will do the trick! So far my attempts at food photography have been far less than stellar. There is barely any natural light in this apartment (except in the bedroom and even there, not so great) and the plates are so unnattractive I'd be better off photographing the food on aluminum foil. Oh well, we shall do our best!
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