Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Want to Get Adopted!


Let me explain. It has come to my attention that there is a site called Adopt a Blogger that pairs newbie bloggers like myself with seasoned bloggers to help them navigate through the blogging world. After discovering this I decided I REALLY want to be adopted! I have so many things that I need help with to make this blog less generic and more exciting! But it says you need to have been blogging consistently for at least three months. Should I still apply now? Or wait another month? I am so impatient! I don't want to wait!
hmmm... maybe I will try now and if they tell me to wait a month then I will just apply again.

In other news. It appears November is fixing to be a month of a zillion posts. This is what happens when your boyfriend leaves town for a conference for 5 days, you're unemployed with very few hobbies, and Thanksgiving is slowly approaching.
Oh, and I changed the name of the blog. When I created it a year ago I didn't know where I wanted to go with it and it really was just random. Now that I've finally focused on a topic it just made more sense to change the name. I'm not super in love with it. It may just be a filler until somebody can come up with a better name, but at least it better represents what my blog is all about. Speaking of which... I am now taking suggestions for blog names! bring em on!

p.s. I am happy to say that the chocolate chip cookies were much loved by a small gathering of friends (you weren't just being nice, right?) and maybe if people start reading (and commenting!) I will be nice enough to share it with you all =D

[check on my new "places I like" link in the sidebar for a list of where I like to go eat wherever I am in the world! I will update this with every new restaurant I find that I think you might like too!]
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  1. I want chocolate chip cookies!

    And fyi, you should friend my mom on Yelp...

  2. I for one would like to have your chocolate chip cookie recipe here so I don't keep losing it.
    I love them.

    Love your blog, did you mother really make that tart?
    It's gorgeous.

  3. no I made that one. Hers isn't on the blog, but it is in my flickr photos.



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