Thursday, November 11, 2010

What have YOU done lately?

For me, not much. I haven't made anything brand new, although I maaaay have finally perfected my chocolate chip cookie! I have yet to test it on anybody, but I'm hoping it will be well received. I have been psychotically scanning through some food blogs and am going to get started on my Thanksgiving menu planning. I am so excited! And I think this year I will finally try to make ALL NEW RECIPES!!! can you believe it!? I must use this opportunity to try out a multitude of new recipes and not just waste it on my tried and true favorites (no matter how yummy they are).
To tide anybody who might be reading this over until then, I will tell you about my most favoritist place to eat (and Guy's) here in Davis. Let's start by mentioning that I love sushi. I didn't used to, I would eat a california roll here and there, and then I moved up to some tempura shrimp varieties... but now, I am a full fledged sushi LOOOVAAAAH. I am not one for cooked fish, but for some reason raw fish and I are getting along famously. And where do I love to eat sushi in Davis? Why, Mikuni of course!
I have tried a few other places in Davis and the bay area for sushi but none of them compare to the delicious amazingness of Mikuni (in my humble opinion of course). Now, they are not the cheapest place (not by a long shot), but the rolls they make are so flavorful and stuffed with so many different fishies I just cannot resist. First off their fish is such good quality, I prefer rolls but I could happily have some sashimi or nigiri at Mikuni. Second, and most importantly I think are the sauces.... ooooooh the sauces. They make their own special sauces which are just aeoli and aren't even all that exciting on their own, but when topping the rolls it creates the most amazing flavor explosion!
Now I am not a sushi purest by any stretch of the imagination. I want creativity, I want excitement, I want something I can't find in every mom and pop sushi shop across the country and boy do they deliver. I would eat Mikuni every day if my wallet and health standards would allow it. I can't believe I won't be eating it again until Monday (when Guy returns from LA and they have their Monday night football specials) siiiiigh....until then.
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